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The first design

Where to start the design process is key to getting it right.

Welcome to my blog post.

“Do you sometimes feel that you might get it wrong the first time? Don't worry because you most propably will, but Rome wasn't build in a day. ”

"It took me 15 years to better understand my clients, but it takes hard work and determination to land the correct design."

Design- the first steps

When I first receive a brief from a client, I usually thoroughly read through all the information. It is tedious work because they will usually send you company information such as when the company has started, who is who in the company and what their mission statement is. This is all great, but it does not necessarily tell you who they are and what they want to see in their design. Links to their website is also included and that is where I start my research. Information such as company colours, fonts used, images and icons give me a better understanding of what they want. Like the saying goes:" a picture tells a thousand words".

Also it is very important when reading the brief to highlight key words. This will help when looking for inspiration imagery.

Now the hard begins..... sitting in front of my screen loads of emotions runs though my head. Excitement and doubt is usually the 1st that creep into my subconscious.

I start by creating a colour palette and setting a background colour. This make the space feel less empty and sets the tone for the design and images to follow. Play around with shapes, shadows and placement of objects. Also trust you eyes - you as a designer have them for a reason and they are your best friend. When somethings don't look right, delete it and start pushing on again. The more you play, the more ideas will flow and you might even surprise yourself with the outcome.

The you feel that you are stuck - take a break or look for other inspiration to clear your head. I find having a break for an hour or so gives you more perspective and a fresh outlook. Also viewing your artwork from a distance let's you see what is missing to take it to the next step.

I find that creating 2 or more drafts takes me a bit longer to design, but many clients appreciate this as this will give them insight into your design style and also what they want.

I hope this little bit of advise helps you to knock your next design out of the ballpark!!

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